Run. Dog. Cat. Cat. Me.

Everything you need to know about running and life and any other random crap I find bouncing through my mind like a ping pong ball. And always be sure your shoes are happy.

That is not what happened.

What really happened is that Dog was under her desk and he farted.  A lot.  It was like tornado sirens except it was only smell and no sound.  WAAAAaaaaOOOOOOOOoooo WAAAAaaaaaOOOOOOOOoooooo

I kept trying to tell her he was going to fart but she kept saying you’re so funny little cat playing with me on my desk!  But I wasn’t playing I was trying to tell her that she needed to run, run for her life because I saw him eating that stuff out of the garbage can and I knew that it was going to be really really bad.  I am a highly evolved animal with a highly evolved sense of smell so I know these things.  But humans are pretty simple creatures so it’s difficult to communicate with them at times. They’re so cute though.  I keep them around just because they’re so cute, despite the fact that they are hard to train and they don’t listen well, and they have the sense of smell of a baby carrot.   So after she fainted from the dog’s farts I tried to carry her to safety but since she took me to Petco and got all my daggers – meh, I mean claws, sorry – cut all short I could not pull her away so it served her right.

Anyway, she’s so cute, out there in the den watching Biggest Loser and cheering them all on, I thought while she was distracted I’d set the record straight.

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5 thoughts on “That is not what happened.

  1. You have an obsession with baby carrots.

  2. I believe there is a baby carrot cover up. You just wait. 60 minutes will figure it out and then Dr. Oz will pick up on it and the baby carrot industry will be exposed for the sham it is.

  3. A very perceptive cat. 🙂

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