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What with that “M.D” after my name and all…

To resume our saga, last Sunday we left our intrepid heroine toeing the 10K start line, having beaten all the alarm clocks in the house into submission.

Actually she wasn’t toeing it at all.  She was deep in the bowels (so to speak) of the pack, surrounded by 994 other crazy nutjob runners.

No, actually she was only deep in the bowels about 894 other crazy nutjob runners while another 100 or so ambled up to the start line TEN MINUTES LATE. Meh??  I’ll get them all alarm clocks with magic buttons that slither from side to side.  I’m up at the witching hour, who slept in?  I’m taking names, I’ll be calling you all Sunday after next.  Listen for that phone to ring, 3:59am, ring ring ring 4:00am, ring ring ring, I got your back.  You two loyal followers can help me with the calls.

This morning was the Women Run/Walk graduation 5K and I was up at 3:45 (after waking several times during the night to worry I’ve forgotten something) (which I did.  No big, just only all the safety pins for all the bibs…I told the ladies, run holding the bib up in front of you.  There were skeptics.  Fortunately we found a box of pins from a race last November in the bottom of Johncharles’ car under several items of race wear, a blanket, some dog hair and 12-15 empty Burger King bags.)

But – I was up.  Quickest way to get on my list?  Be late for a race without good cause.  There was a train wreck or you won the lottery and stopped at the bank to get cash to share with me, I’m completely understanding.  But you just didn’t plan to wake up in time to actually drive a car, park it, and find a start line?  Next week we’re starting the race on time and you’ll need to jump out of the way and then go cross the start mat once we’ve all passed you.  DODGE BALL!  RUN!  Bwaaahahahaha 10K FOOTBALL!  We’ve got the ball and you’re in the way of the goal!  OOOPS!  Tackle 10K!

It’s probably not very obvious that I haven’t run since last Sunday.  I biked Wednesday.  I thought about biking this afternoon but for some reason I’m tired.  It’s weird.  It’s like I was up half the night or something.

Last Saturday I woke and as I usually do, immediately wondered what day it was and what I needed to do.  Ah.  Saturday 🙂 my off day, I don’t have to run.  Sunday I did the 10K.  The first two miles were awesome, my legs felt fresh, I was hitting my pace and better, lungs were open – I was running and it felt like it used to feel.  End of Tunnel!  I see the Light!  And at mile 4 it fell apart.  By mile 5 I was walking all the uphills while my hamstring pinged like a bad harpist with a hangover.  I limped across the finish line and gave up.  I’m just going to have to back off for a while unless I want something a bit more serious to stop me.

Now every morning I wake and think, what day is it?  and I realize no matter what day it is, I’m not running.  Now I want to run.

BeckyB is on the DL list, too – she sprained her ankle at the race Sunday.  It’s a bit better and she met me Wednesday to bike.  She said, “OMG!!!  I’mma gonna kill something!  How did I handle stress before I exercised?!?!”  She has a point.  My head is about to blow and while I can come up with a bucket list of things that are some type of issue, the real issue is … me.

It’s probably going to get worse before it gets better because with the help of Dr. Google and some input from Killer and Our Lady Queen of Pain I’m mostly pretty certain I probably have a hamstring strain.  I could go to the Dr., who, unless he felt the need to get some kind of MRI or something would probably diagnose by symptoms and come to the same conclusion:  Rest, ice, stretch, exercise the supporting muscles, blahblahblahblah.  Hubs most sincerely insisted if I wanted to go see an Ortho I should; he did a few years ago with his hammie and guess what they had him do?  Rest, Ice, Stretch, Exercise the supporting muscles…

Are you a runner?  I bet no one ever has suggested that a good thing to do is rest, ice…

Are you a runner?  I bet you stretch, exercise supporting muscles…

Right?  yeah, right.  All we want to do is RUN! dammit.

So, so far that’s what I’ve been doing:  RICE.  It’s mostly OK unless I move the wrong way.   This morning I ran over to the finish line for something and realized quickly that I needed to stop, now it’s not too happy but at this point I don’t actually give a sh*t what it thinks, I’m tired of it.  Guess what I’m doing?

Sitting on ice.

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18 thoughts on “What with that “M.D” after my name and all…

  1. No joke about the stress relief, and I am a rookie!!!! Seriously hoping the toes heal quickly so I can start again.

  2. Awww! Sorry to hear about your injury. Be kind to yourself, and it will heal quickly. Don’t forget to write a lot of crazy stuff/facts about your life as you recuperate.

    Your bit about the safety pins reminded me of our own 5K. We SWORE we had plenty of safety pins, but I think the trolls got ’em the day before. Panic! I called all the local dry cleaners, who actually donated boxes of safety pins. Saved by kindness in the end!

    • It was about 6am when I realized I’d left them at home. It would have taken about 50 minutes for me to go get them and come back, and the race started at 8am. One of the coaches went to some 24 hour Walgreens but they had none. However, one of the finish line crew drove up and I thought, maybe he has some and he did! Thank God – an entire box, left in his car since a race last November!

      How are you doing? I looked you up last week but you’ve been gone for a while – busy with the pupper and stuff?

      • Very busy with the pupper. The poor thing came to us with two parasites and a persistent UTI, which complicates matters along with usually puppy biz (read: potty training). The bathroom renovation unveiled lovely surprises at every turn. On the bright side, I spent lots of time with my daughter while she was home, warping time for the fastest month ever to be. I missed writing, though, and I am back to it (though less than prepup!). I will never catch up with you, oh Guru of MDness. So do you use that degree?

        • Yep. I frequently diagnose my friends. Sometimes I check with Dr. Google first, sometimes I just shoot from the hip.

          Chunker has been fighting UTI since July…it’s hard to get under control, isn’t it? And frustrating to have to keep trying to catch them going where they shouldn’t!

          • The most frustrating thing (and I’m serious here) is getting a urine sample from a female puppy. She hates me when I chase her around the yard with a plate and slide it under her bottom.

            • Oh, yeah. I had a friend whose lab was diabetic and that dog learned to hide urine like a Russian spy.

              Why do you need a sample?

            • To check for the cause of her urinary tract infection, which never seems to end. It ended up being e. coli, which also affects pH and causes crystals in the urine. My vet is also hesitant to try stronger antibiotics for a puppy, so we’re using the same, but keeping her on it longer. THEN we get to perform the plate routine in the yard again for a recheck.

            • Jeezum. Yep, we’re still working on Chunk. She had crystals, possible stone, bacteria, white blood cells and sediment in her urine and of course the bladder was inflamed.

            • Oh my! It’s fun to have a dog that pees every thirty seconds, isn’t it?

            • With cats, it’s worse – or maybe dogs do this too? Altho they do at least go outdoors, I guess. They associate location with the pain, so they don’t want to use the litter box…

            • I didn’t know cats would do that. How do you ever retrain them then? The pup just squats and squats and squats–not like anything comes out. However, like human infants, you are trying to help a young pup recognize the signs that they have to pee, so they can warn you when they need to go outside. That part didn’t work go so well for a loooong time.

            • Fortunately they are pretty tidy animals and also their instinct is to keep their urine in one spot (hunter/gatherer, to leave less trace) so as soon as they feel better they go back to the box. Unfortunately she did pretty much identify with one spot because it took me a while the first time to realize what was wrong. So now I keep a towel on top of a plastic bag there in case she goes that direction. It’s irritating but at the same time I understand she has no idea what she’s doing. I’m REALLY nervous today because we are going to try bringing a kitten into the house. I’ve been thinking about this for a couple months. She is only about 14-15 months old and she is bored. Every toy I get her, she figures it out and then doesn’t play with it anymore. Like, I have a gifted cat or something, I don’t know. She looks at the laser light, and then at my hand. The first week she chased it all over the house and now she just sits there. She’s like, are you kidding? I know nothing is there when I touch it. When she’s bored she sits on my desk and whacks my hands or nips at me. And she’s getting fat. She needs a companion. The vet said she is young enough she should do fine accepting a younger cat. My friend – this is a cool story, and this reply is turning into a novelette, sorry – he was alone on the Greenway (part of a rails-to-trails here) and living in the woods along the trail. Very young at that time, a couple months, maybe. So my friend and another lady spent 2-3 weeks trying to get him to come to them before he got out onto the busy street nearby or was dinner for a fox or something. They brought toys, made a box for him to sleep in, food, etc. I didn’t know that part, and one day my friend and I were jogging the trail and saw him. We were really upset that he was there, we thought someone abandoned him, but then Elizabeth posted the story so everyone would know they were trying to catch him. Finally they did. But she has already three cats, and the oldest cat hates the kitten and beats him up. He’s really sweet and quiet, just wants company and she’s going to have to give him up even thought she doesn’t want to. Plus they can’t afford to care for four cats. So I talked to hubs who said, OK, but SERIOUSLY THIS IS IT! and I said, YES! I don’t actually want two cats but I think it’s best in the long run, if they can get along. And, if they can’t, my friend will take Mo back and try to find another home. So I feel good about that, I wouldn’t be stuck with a bad situation.

            • So now we get to hear about your being patient with a new critter! Interesting story about your kitties. It’s funny that with the gifted kitty, you don’t know what to do in the case of boredom. I thought back to my old cat (who was probably not so swift) and figured your kitty probably just wanted to meditate in a sunbeam or on a dryer or some other lovely warm spot. The cat just didn’t want to play your game. Dogwise, you’d just let a bored pooch be with the toys and allow it to find a way to entertain itself. I am far removed from cat psychology, I guess. Neat story about the new kitten! What a hard life the little beast must have had! Just be patient and let the kitties find their way. I think most critters want the companionship of their own kind, and they may communicate with a few nips and boffing each other around a bit, but as long as it’s not abusive, it’s probably just their manner of communication. It will make your life much more interesting. Give Mo a kiss from me. I’m glad he has you.

  3. O, Terrilee, sorry to hear you are laid up! Take it easy on the bike, too, just spin…EASY spin. You could always go swimming…lol. But then there IS the hot tub (or don’t they have one at the pool there?). Hope it’s better soon….

    • I did bike yesterday – started out easy but it kept feeling fine so I ended up doing 28 miles *big smile* and it was great to blow out some energy. And my leg actually felt better afterward, like it got some blood to it. Quads are dead, of course. I did consider swimming, just haven’t gone yet. I suppose I will in the end…. 😉

      • TWENTY-EIGHT MILES!!! Are you kiddin’ me? I’m not up to twenty-eight big ones on two GOOD legs. But funny you should say that…I had a frozen shoulder (nasty business, that) for a year before I started running…within 2 weeks it was gone…completely (I’m HEALED! I’m HEALED!)…only thing I can put it to is the rythmic motion of my arms when I’m running. Strange, but true. Hope it works for your leg….

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