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Cleaning house

As I folded sheets today I thought of my mother.  She folds a bottom sheet perfectly.  They are square and flat without any extra fabric poofing out, carefully stacked in the closet, next the fitted sheet; pillowcases on top.

I stand in the hallway by the laundry closet, holding the bottom sheet.  I shove one corner into the other corner and hold the point.  I take the third corner and bring it up to the first two as my mother always did and begin fishing for the fourth corner.  It’s there somewhere.  It had four corners when I took it off the bed.  Where the &^%$ is the corner?  Oh – there, underneath.  I drop the other three corners when I reach.  I pick them back up.  The fourth corner is now INSIDE the other three.  Screw it.  I wad it in a ball and shove it in the corner of the closet.

No one has ever yet come to see if I’ve torn the do not remove tag off the bed, I’m sure the sheets are fine.  And they’re wrinkled the first morning after you sleep on them, anyway.


It’s like life, isn’t it?  You get a good hold on one thing, so you bring in the next.  Things are hanging together well.  Then you toss in the third, it’s a bit tricky but you’re doing ok until you reach for the 4th and then *poof* it’s all a big wad.


We have a new cat:  Chunklite.  She lost a pound!  I think playing with Mo is good for her.  Except now she doesn’t hang with me as much so I feel sad and abandoned.  First I want her to have a friend, then I don’t.  What, I’m in 7th grade?


I measure my life by the yardstick of catlove


Mo is my kind of guy.  He’s in love with my Keurig, but he doesn’t take my coffee.  What more could you want?  Affection without control.  Every time I start it, if he’s anywhere near, he runs and jumps onto the counter, watching the coffee pour into the cup with his head tilted to one side.

I’m trying to type with myhead thiled to one side and it doesn’t wori very welland infact I’m going to keep the thyping just the weay it came out while my ehad was sidewasy.  try. it  Weird how such a little thing makes such a big difference.


Life lived Full Tilt.  No stopping me, I’m a wild and crazy guy.


This morning’s view out my window was 50 Shades of Grey only rated G.  We had a foggy mist covering everything in a monochrome black/grey.  It was neat.  Do you ever look around during your day and see how different every day looks, physically?  Sometimes blurry, sometimes sharply clear; sometimes bright and crisp, sometimes hazily humidly softly-edged.  I was busy for a while and when next I turned toward the window I was surprised by bright blue skies and brilliant fall colors.  What a change in an hour!


And, yet, I think that the world will never change.


Someone needs to create a casserole recipe that is only crust.  The crusterole. I try to be evenhanded when I dish up a casserole.  But the truth is:  I give me the crust scrapings.


I console myself.  No one else wants the crusteroles, they’re a little dry and crunchy.

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9 thoughts on “Cleaning house

  1. Feel better: I have never been able to fold a bottom sheet like Martha Stewart. She’s even showed me how.

    Chunklite will come back to you when she’s 21 and has figured out how smart you are. ; )

    I am sending you healing vibes.

    • 😉 thanks! I guess my other four came back, eh?
      Well, no. Actually they didn’t, but that’s OK. It would cramp my style.
      Very cool on Martha, she doesn’t visit me often. It would be too depressing for her to see the utter lack of coordinated holiday decorations. I’m still trying to find another Charlie Brown Tree, I’m so mad at myself that I didn’t buy it when it was on clearance at Walgreens.
      Oh, crap. I think I ordered some pics from Walgreens last week.

  2. This really got me laughing–chunklite (water and not oil I’m assuming). I love the idea of crusterol, but I’m sure its similar to cholersterol for a reason–oh but whole cares, you only live once–and we run for a reason right? Or in our cases not…
    I’m still waiting for this supid L5 bulge to stop playing footsie with my sciatic. I’m dreaming of being out in the gray, the sun, the rain, running—pain free. I feel your pain. Happy Friday. Have a great weekend and Bobday.

    • Daryl, I have been thinking about you – I think you need to see a different doc. Do you go to a sports ortho? Mine has been going on for 8 weeks (and really started in July) and getting worse, not better. My S1 did not respond to the epidural – it lasted one day – and I am probably going to have surgery. Look at this vid I just found this morning:

      It’s outpatient! Years ago we’d have been in the hospital for weeks with an incision inches long. I just saw the ortho yesterday and she is going to confer with the neuro, I’ll know more in a couple days. I am totally going to do this. She said, first, if you wait 6-12 months the nerve may never completely regenerate. And secondly, she said the magic words: Let’s get this out of here and get you back running.

      I’ll be posting more – If you want to discuss it or find out more email me at

      On the crusterole, don’t you think it would be lower cholesterol since it’s clinging to the side of the casserole dish? Like chocolates on top of the fridge, the calories are afraid of heights and jump? The cholesterol probably slides down into the bottom of the casserole.

      Chunklite makes me think of low fat peanut butter 🙂

      • I felt hopeful, but now I’ve lost my appetite. I don’t want surgery. It’s OK though, I know that I’ll wake up soon and I’ll be fixed. It always happens–usually once I’ve decided to take the next step. Mine has been about 8 weeks too. Mine has improved though, it just hurts after sitting on the coach or sleeping. Oh, and doing the dishes! I’m not sure that Anne has much sympathy when it hurts and dishes need to be done!
        Good luck and keep me posted.

  3. I want the crusteroles too! The crunchy edges of a casserole or lasagna or brownies – especially brownies – are the BEST!! It’s like muffin tops (the bakery treat, not the tummy thing) only better! – Jay S.

    • Oh, a friend just found brownie crusts! I think she got them at Costco, it’s honestly a back of crunchy, odd-shaped chocolate brownie crusts. So sorry I don’t know anything else about them…
      Yes, I love the edges of lasagna too – and rice casseroles – yum!

  4. Also….I’ve just bought a book called “Treat your own back”. It’s much cheaper than surgery.
    I’m just a cheap scaredy-cat.
    I haven’t started all the exercises yet, it told me to read the book and not jump to the exercises. I’ll let you know.

    Have you though about an inversion table? I have a cheap $110 Walmart online one that works quite well. By working well I mean it’s really good at filling my head with blood and making me feel giddy. It’s cheaper than wine.

    • DO let me know about the book!
      I don’t have the inversion table but did rent a traction device from the medical device provider my Dr. uses. It feels good! And I can read while doing it; I question being able to read for 30 minutes while hanging upside down…

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