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Things are going swimmingly, thanks. And you?

Where have ya’ll been??   Sucked into a black hole?

Oh, wait, that’s me that’s been in a black hole.

First the Munker got sick.  For a day or two I thought it was really cute that she kept sleeping on top of the heating vents, funny little kitty, curled up on the vents in the winter.  Then I came downstairs one morning and realized she was still in the same spot and same position she’d been in the night before.  Mo and Murphy were right there with her, where they’d been the night before – never moved.  Stayed with her all night.  And of course it’s New Year’s Eve day (does that seem right?  eve day?)  They got her in but it took almost three hours.  Temp 104.6, probably viral, and she’s pissed about being at the vet’s.  I mean Pissed.  Like, all over the carrier.  Later she said this sh*t’s for the birds and so she did.  All over the carrier.  I started wishing I had a cold just so I couldn’t smell anything.

This is what I decided for 2013:  Since running is still not really working for me,  I would try to do some type of exercise every day.  Not many people make this type of resolution, but I’m just like that.  Cutting edge.  Most people resolve to eat more sweet potato fries.  A few decide to be radical (mostly New Yorkers) and pledge to drink at least one 32 ounce soft drink per day.  Not me.  After I got done giving the vet most of our retirement account I went home and loaded up my shining new Jillian’s 30-Day Shred (LOSE UP TO 20 POUNDS IN 30 DAYS!) video.  I figured, since I haven’t been working out a lot, I would start with Level 1.  It wasn’t too bad until the next day when I needed brush my teeth and my arm only reached my neck.  I don’t have teeth in my neck.

I did the Level 1 workout and checked my Garmin.  Wearing my HR monitor the Garmin said I’d burned 238 calories in 28 minutes.  Doing the math I figured I’m only going to have to do Level 1 for six hours a day to LOSE UP TO 20 POUNDS IN 30 DAYS.  So, I hopped up on the hubster’s trainer for 30 minutes.  Now I only have to do the shred video for 5 more hours.  Today.

You’ll both be surprised to learn that I did not, in fact, do the video for five more hours.  No.  I played some Spider Solitaire, which I think the Russians or North Koreans have invented to keep us U Ess of Aye citizens distracted while they plan to invade our golden shores and take over AIG, that Golden Boy of All Things Right About the American System.  Also, I think that damn game is rigged.  I mean, how can you have a win percentage of 23%?  That’s un-American.  Win percentages should always be 100%.

Now, suddenly, it’s January 18th and so far I’m up to December 31st on my awesome blog that you have both been distraught to read.  My life is a whirl of inactivity and boredom that I cover up with many fascinating stories.  There are so many to choose from.

Here’s a Teaser:  My crazy friend “Becky” talked me into taking a swim class.

Oh, wait, it’s not really a swim class.  It’s really a Master’s Swim.

Master’s swim does not include clutching the side of the pool at the end of each 25 yards and gasping for breath.

No, yes.  For me, it does.

swimming cat

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14 thoughts on “Things are going swimmingly, thanks. And you?

  1. You must be in a different black hole than mine, because I don’t see you here here here here (that’s an echo for emptiness, though I fear a black hole will suck in sound, so it should be just (0) ). I’ve felt the same way, but I’m glad you’re back! It’s a shame some of these devoted bloggers seem to have made resolutions to write daily, because it makes me feel like crap, even though I do have fascinating stories to tell. Really! Keep yours coming. Love the cat pic, and I hope Munker is healing. Had a similar experience on Monday, which I knew was going to be a truly awful day because Maya had a Ping Pong ball of pus on her neck and it was going to cost us dearly…That’s a story for later.

    • I swear, I think I have that seasonal AD thing. It’s been grey here for so many days it’s like living in a closet. The sun finally came out yesterday, hopefully it will stay that way for a few days. Is she OK?

      • She is getting better. The Ping Pong ball has gone down to the size of a huge grape. Maya acts completely fine, but it is a deep infection. She may need a second course of antibiotics, and if the abscess gets infected after that, they’ll do surgery–which is the mega-expense I anticipated on Monday. I guess you know how that goes!

        BTW I was wondering about you today. Exactly why isn’t running working for you? Not healed up completely? I’ll have to go back and re-read…

        • Oh, I hope it works! How did she get the abscess?

          I’m still having trouble with my back/leg. The ortho kinda gave up on me, I think. Finally they did an ultrasound on my leg, to be sure it wasn’t actually hamstring, it showed nothing so they did an hour long MRI on it, it showed nothing, and then they called to schedule 6 PT sessions for my “hamstring strain”. I’m going to a neuro next week and starting the merry-go-round all over again. I’ve run a few times, it usually gets worse afterward, but I have to get out of the house somehow!

          • Things heal so slowly at, well, the age I’m assuming you are, which is similar to mine–I turn 49 in a week. However, you sound far from hopeless if no serious damage can be pinpointed. Yeah, this is Dr. Experience talking to you, doc. I bet you’ll be able to run comfortably this year if you don’t push too hard (to me, this would mean NOT avoiding running altogether), do your therapy exercises, ice what you can. Hell, throw in a massage or two in the name of therapy! You know what to do. It just requires being patient and reasonable. Not always one’s strong suit…

            I’m trying to do the same with a shoulder injury. I (foolishly) moved some furniture alone before we got new carpet. Haven’t been quite the same since! I feel fine until some stupid move gets me–usually setting my purse on the passenger seat of the car. That right-side reach makes it feel as if someone is twisting a knife in my shoulder. Ridiculous.

            As for Maya, my husband said she had been chewing on a stick in our yard–probably taken from some I’d cut off our Christmas tree and stacked on the firepit. He said she was trying to hack up something at one point. This was a couple days before The Thing appeared…

            • How’s she doing now? And how is your shoulder? Don’t like that!

            • Maya is on her second course of antibiotics now. She still has a little hard spot in her neck. After this, we just wait to see if it fills up again, indicating a bit of something still in her neck that’s bringing on the infection. Then she’d have the bit removed surgically (luckily the estimate for that is a little lower than I’d anticipated–only a few days’ pay!).

              As for me, I’m following the advice I gave you–exercise my shoulder wisely and ice it at least once a day, and I’m also taking Aleeve. I swear there’s nothing more effective than ice, even when I’m not frozen to the bone. Making progress.

              How about you? Are things looking any brighter?

  2. Glad you’re still here. I was missing your posts.

  3. Poor little Munker! Get well, buddy!

    And I’m impressed that you’re a wall-clutching Masters Swimmer. I can’t even swim a few inches without feeling like I’m doing something wrong. I have zero technique. I need a remedial swim class.

    I’m glad you’re back to posting. Be well, my friend. ; )

  4. Phew! I was getting ready to send out the search dogs to look for you cause I just knew you must have run off into the sunset and gotten lost. No?
    So sorry about Munker…hope she gets better SOON. And doesn’t take your retirement account with her in the process.
    Yeh…gray days…here too, although we have had a couple of peeks of the sun. H#ll of a lot more than usual…course what good is it when the temps are only in the 20’s, just sayin’…
    Doesn’t it feel like summer when you are swimming in a warm pool? (lololololol) With your funny tight hat on none the less…

    • Good morning! I’m finally getting back in gear, here. Munker is finally her old self and I’m so happy to have her being sweet and feisty! We did finally get some sun for a couple days but now it’s back to grey. How are you doing? I’m going to get on WordPress and catch up on everyone tonight.

  5. I think I have that DVD somewhere – I know I have the book – and I have the sneaking suspicion I’m going to have to break down and add it to my cross-training sooner rather than later.

    If you ever want to torture me into telling you any and all secrets I might know throw me in a pool and force me to swim laps. I promise you’ll know everything I know up to and including which seat on the airplane is right above the black box! I admire your commitment to doing whatever you can no matter what that means! You are truly an inspiration!!

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