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Daylight Stupid Time

Well it’s a beautiful day here in wonderland, the sky brilliant blue, the wind blowing ten majillion leaves into the yard and since I don’t want to mess up my back I’m sadly unable to use the blower or the rake, darn it.  Two squirrels built a nest in the fork of a tree right outside one of the upstairs windows so I keep trying to see if they will have babies.  It seems a cold time of year to have babies but judging by the amount of leaves they’ve stuffed into that tree they should have an EnergyStar rating of about R5000 so I guess they will be fine.  I expect them to try to have babies because they’ve put a hell of a lot time and effort into making those leaves that messy to show off to the other squirrels.  They really are messy little animals.  Instead of just getting the hickory nut they break off the tiny branch it’s on, the branch dropping to the ground, then scurry down the tree for the nut.  Now we have both hickory nut shells and little branches all over in addition to the leaves.  And if you step on one of those hickory nuts broken into pieces you will move immediately to the Soprano Section and I don’t care how big and bass you currently are, you’ll be tiptoeing like Tiny Tim.

If I get THAT damn song stuck in my head … it’s worse than Rhiana still stuck in the Hopeless Place after well over 24 hours.  I will take Rhiana over Tiny Tim but that’s not saying a whole lot.

I went four miles today!  And nearly 3 of them were jogging – I’d jog until I feel the form start to go and then walk recovery.  Now I no longer feel quite so much like Chunker getting out of her carrier after seeing the vet.  Speaking of Chunker, we’ve had a bit of a setback as I’ve found she’s been sneaking Mo’s food when she thinks I don’t see her, which in her mind, apparently, is any time she is not looking at me.  Now you see me, now you don’t, chomp chomp!

So tomorrow is Daylight Stupid Time once again, in which the They people take away and give back our hour on a regular basis.

How about this:  “The latest Rasmussen Report from March 2013 found that only 37 percent of Americans surveyed thought daylight saving time (DST) is “worth the hassle,” while 45 percent said it was not.”

Tufts University professor Michael Downing, author of Spring Forward: The Annual Madness of Daylight Saving Time, said such opposition has been around for a century.

“The whole proposition that you can gain or lose an hour is at best theoretical,” he said. “I think from the start people had no clear idea what we were doing or why we were doing it. It just generates confusion, and confusion generates bad will.”  (Quotes and info taken from this SITE)

Then we all slaver, YAY!  We get our hour back!  I get to sleep in!

You idiots.  THEY TOOK THE FLIPPING HOUR AWAY LAST SPRING AND YOU DIDN’T GET TO SLEEP IN.  (I’m yelling again, aren’t I?) You’re not GETTING anything.  At best you are staying even.  Last spring you didn’t sleep in and you were tired, tomorrow you sleep in and you’re not as tired.  Fine.  Try to save that up for next spring when again “they” take YOUR HOUR.

Or, if you don’t mind them jerking you on a string like a puppet, taking, giving, taking, giving …

OMG.  Wait, I think I have it.

The “they” people, taking, giving, jerking you around, keeping you confused, pulling a fast one on you?

(I think they must be teenagers.  Shhhh.)

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9 thoughts on “Daylight Stupid Time

  1. I am noooot a fan of the time change. No thank you. And congrats on a great run 🙂

    • Thanks! Dr. W said I’d come back quickly but I was afraid to believe it. And the pain is localizing which is good. I think.
      Hubs and I have a semi-annual spar over DST. He loves it. I hate it.

  2. Gain an hour… Lose an hour… My Sunday alarm is STILL set for earlier than my Monday through Friday alarm because I’m a Crazy NutJob Runner and love to sit and wait for other CNJR’s to cross finish lines!

  3. Plus, the animals never get the memo about DST ending. So we were up at 4 for the dog’s internal clock.

    • yep! And all the years with my kids, they were screwed up for a week both times, either couldn’t get them in bed or couldn’t get them out, trying to get them to school grumpy and tired. It’s just useless and stupid. And saves nothing.
      Oh, well ..

  4. I actually heard a newsperson talking about the “extra” hour of daylight now that DST has ended. HellooOOooo? It’s the SAME NUMBER OF HOURS OF DAYLIGHT! (Ooops…now I’m yelling) And yes…Rita didn’t get the memo either. We’ll be rolling out of bed at 4 AM until I can re-train her. (Hahahahaha…re-train a cat)
    Glad the run went well, Terri!

    • thanks! Yes, happy on the run.
      And right, I always end up yelling. Did ANYONE listen in high school science? Finite number of hours in a day and finite number of hours the earth revolves around the Sun. Jeezum.

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