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Training wheels

Occasionally Brain and I don’t get along.  I try, I really do, but Brain is just not that easy to work with; it frequently seems to have a mind of its own and is often very uncooperative.  Selfish, even, if I may say.  And I may since it’s my blog, not Brain’s, so I can write anything I want.  Other than the obvious, of course.  I don’t want to start posting manifestos against governments or threatening stupid people who don’t know what a turn signal is, Mrs. Idiot Lady who couldn’t decide to move into the turn lane until the last possible minute, no, I’m fine, really, and thank you Baby Jesus in your little manger full of pokey straw that I have good brakes.  Because threats and that kind of thing could get a person in trouble.

I hope your cat pees on your new couch.  Repeatedly.

The truth is, Brain has  been dead set against this whole biking thing from the beginning.

“You’ll crash.”

“You’ll break your arm and then what?  How will you work?”

“How long does it take to heal if you break your hip and need surgery?”

For the love of all that’s holy, will you SHUT.  UP.

As you both know, I got Matilda back from RB’s last week.  She was so pretty, shining and proud with her new Barrel Guide Adjuster for the Front Derailleur, her cleaned and adjusted chain, her new black and red outfit.  I stood her up at the back of Babs, saddled up and held on (to Babs, not Matilda).  I practiced.  Clip in, clip out.  Clip in, clip out.  Right Foot did ok.  Left Foot needs some remedial help.

I looked down the driveway.  I looked down at Matilda.  Back at the driveway.  Back to Matilda.

“The driveway is pea gravel, you pea-brain,” intoned Brain.  “You know what your knees will look like when you tip over?”

“SHUT UP!” I begged.

“Remember when Traitor #1 broke his elbow off?  You could do that if you fall.”

“OMG!  I … no … I … won’t.”

It did suck when T-1 broke his elbow off, him being in Paris and all that, having surgery and I couldn’t be there.  It does stand out in my mind and it is just the card Brain could decide to pull.

Getting Matilda all fixed up, practicing clipping – that was a good start.  I should stick with that for today, I decided, and I put Matilda in the storage room.

I’m pretty sure she hung her head just a little.  But probably not.  Probably I just imagined it.

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